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How May We Help

We invest in relationships. Our aim is to become a long-term strategic partner with our clients to help them achieve their business and technology objectives. We integrate projects and processes to become an extension of our client's IT organization. We have a mature engagement model, which provides a flexible operational environment that empowers our clients with the right levels of control. This flexible approach is based, in principle, on globally adopted and accepted maturity models and includes:

Fixed Price: The Fixed Price model is used when the client's needs and deliverables are specified and there is a well-defined project path.

Time and Material : The Time and Material pricing model is used when it is difficult to determine project scope, make accurate estimates, and/or explicitly define specifications and implementation plans.

Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) :In a BOT relationship, the entire application/system is built for a specific client and then transferred to the client as soon as the application/system is complete.

Global Delivery Center : The Global Delivery Center model provides our clients with the largest cost savings. This model provides a client with a small, dedicated team of resources for a fixed period of time.

Joint Venture : This model is adopted when the outsourced service has its own revenue stream that can be separated from the rest of the client's business. To reduce risk, we develop a joint venture relationship with the client, where each receives a percentage of the revenue.

We assess every engagement with in-project evaluations, client satisfaction surveys, and repeat client interviews. To ensure that every engagement is properly aligned with the business goals of our clients, we continuously monitor this process throughout the engagement. Our core belief is that the success of each of our engagements is measured by client success.

Our Value Proposition
As a company, our value proposition includes:

1. Build proprietary, branded solutions in the company's core products and services: We will develop vertical-related solutions to meet our clients' needs.

2. Provide clients with outstanding service: The company's most distinctive competitive differentiator is its client-centric Global Engagement Model, which is based on strong company values, high levels of communication, adherence to its ISO Certifications, joint problem solving with clients, and a flexible approach to meet client needs and requirements.

3. Deliver high quality solutions that meet client needs: The company has consistently designed, developed, and delivered high quality solutions for its clients.

4. Deliver on-time and on-budget: The company consistently meets and exceeds on-time and on-budget delivery.

5. Provide outstanding technical expertise: We provide top tier consultants, including technology specialists, process improvement consultants, and industry solution experts.

6. Promote a vertical market model: The company creates significant value for its clients with vertical subject matter expertise and industry specific solutions.
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