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VAssure, a service of VenSoft Inc., headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, USA with world wide offices and 600 plus employees, is a global dot net technology based IT solutions and services provider partnering and helping enterprises achieve profitable growth since 1996. Through proven technology and solutions VAssure helps enterprises increase revenue, reduce costs and reinvest in innovation to gain competitive advantage.

The leader in IT services and product development partnerships with technology companies, VAssure provides full product development lifecycle services to Start-up, Emerging and Established technology companies. VAssure has developed a unique joint-venture model of partnering with clients to deliver great software products to market rapidly and economically. The Research and Development engineers located in our global delivery centers in the US, India and Australia serve as virtual extensions of our client’s local development teams. By leveraging our global facilities, world-class engineers and state-of-the-art tools and processes, companies can increase the quality of their software products while dramatically reducing timelines and operating costs – often by more than 60%.

VAssure Technologies also provide customized IT services and consulting to clients worldwide. By offering specialized services in outsourced software development, we allow our clients to focus on their core competencies freeing up time for innovation and value creation by outsourcing non-core activities.

Our service offerings are based on an understanding of the client’s business processes and functional requirements. The business domain knowledge is then applied to develop software solutions by utilizing the available pool of technical skill sets and proven methodologies.

VAssure is able to shorten product development cycles and ensure that the right features are implemented on time, every time through its innovative methods.

Today, VAssure has ongoing partnerships with many technology clients in markets including Telecom, VoIP, Embedded, Mobile, Web2.0/Consumer Internet, Open Source, On-Demand/SaaS, QA, Payment, Fraud Detection, Investment, Lending and Business Intelligence. Our partners include industry leaders such as AOL, Autodesk, Avolent, Electronic Arts, iFlex, NexTone, Sony Digital and Trimble.

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