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Asset Management and Discovery

IT assets have high turnover and mobility, making it difficult to efficiently deliver agreed-upon service levels or cost-effectively allocate resources. As a result, organizations often incur higher costs in both expenses and lowered productivity.

VAssure BSM integrates People, Process and Technology (PPT) into a complete into a complete Asset Management and Discovery solution to enable you to locate, categorize and manage the lifecycle of all the assets in the IT infrastructure to better support business operations and initiatives. Our solution scales from performing simple inventory to a fully integrated discovery solution.
VAssure BSM’s Asset Management and Discovery solution will:

Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of IT assets
Reduce the cost of asset management through automation of asset lifecycle process
Increase the physical and fiscal accuracy of inventory

People Drive Success
VAssure BSM understands the roles and responsibilities are critical to success. The diagram shows how an organization’s people fall into Strategic, Operational and Tactical roles. VAssure BSM helps organizations identify these people and define their roles for success. Strategic roles are policy makers who provide the “what” and “why” of the initiative. Tactical roles enforce the policy; they are “how” the initiative is carried out. Operational roles are implementers and customers; the “who” this initiative is for.

People are most impacted by change, so helping them understand the changes and what they mean to the organization will help minimize any negative impact. VAssure BSM educates your employees on the various people, process and technology impacts as well as what the business benefits are. This empowers your staff as active participants in your organization’s operational effectiveness.

Process Creates Efficiency
VAssure BSM understands that good business processes are repeatable and show measurable benefits to the business. We evaluate the following three levels of business drivers so the resulting processes best support the dynamics of the business.

Global Business Environment: Drivers like Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and economic pressure to gain increasing return from existing investments
Industry Specific: Drivers like ITIL compliancy and SBA Audits
Business Specific: Drivers like reducing lease penalties and maintenance contract fees

According to ITIL, Asset Management should provide a means for capturing and maintaining IT configuration data for assets and the relationships between them in a single integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This way other ITIL Service Support disciplines can access the CMDB for fully integrated processes. Asset Management Process should

Cover the entire asset lifecycle
Have bi-directional information flow between Change Management
Integrate disparate sources of asset data and correlate them into a CMDB

Discovery should

Use automated technology to facilitate the audit process of asset inventory
Identify all items within the IT infrastructure
Identify all the relationships and dependencies between assets and people

ITIL is a best practices guideline for service support, but does not account for business or industry specific nuances. VAssure BSM does not force fit ITIL into your company, we overlay your business with ITIL guidelines to identify and define optimal business processes.

Technology Automates AMD
Technology is the vehicle for implementing the business processes and enforcing corporate policy across disparate groups of people. VAssure BSM has identified a core set of best of breed technology to help communicate your IT processes and business goals:

Remedy Asset Management: Automates lifecycle, contract, and cost control of IT assets to lower operational costs, improve return on capital, and better align IT and business.
BMC Atrium CMDB (Configuration Management Database): An intelligent data repository that provides a working model of your enterprise IT infrastructure.
BMC Discovery Express A multi-platform agent-less discovery tool to collect asset information on servers, desktops, network devices, etc., and to auto-discover SNMP enabled devices.
Marimba Configuration Discovery: Efficiently track IT assets through an automated hardware, software, and settings inventory of server and client devices, even if systems are only intermittently or infrequently connected to the network.
BMC Topology Discovery: Understands the inter-dependencies between IT components and critical business applications and enable real-time business service modeling.

Measurable Success
Milestones provide measurable benefits and value as you move from simple incident handling to multi-level problem and root cause analysis and on to pre-incident problem resolution. VAssure BSM helps define the metrics that are important to your organization and set ROI goals and targets according.

Inventory Discovery & Identification
  • Increased accuracy of asset inventory
  • Reduction of manual inventory process
  • Classification of assets by priority for levels of management

Basic Asset Management
  • Define and implement asset management process
  • Reduce leasing penalties and costs of software maintenance contracts based on actual usage
  • Enable improved procurement practices with increased visibility into a centralized data source

Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Manage and track total cost of ownership of assets
  • Ensure that IT infrastructure investments are made in areas that deliver the most value to business service

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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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