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Incident and Problem Management


With the increasing dependency of critical business services on IT, it is more important than ever to proactively identify, prioritize and resolve threats to service. The operations of the IT help desk are essential in minimizing business downtime to maintain a competitive edge. This proves to be a challenge in the complex and dynamic IT environments that exist today, especially when under constant pressure to reduce costs while maintaining/increasing service levels.

VAssure BSM integrates People, Process and Technology (PPT) into a complete Incident and Problem Management solution that enables a centralized, intelligent trouble ticketing to quickly detect problems and prioritize corrective actions, depending on business relevance.

VAssure BSM’s Incident and Problem Management solution will:

Increase productivity of Service Desk operations
Decrease support costs by increasing the efficiencies of Service Desk operations
Maintain smooth business operation by reducing downtime

People Drive Success
VAssure BSM understands the roles and responsibilities are critical to success. The diagram shows how an organization’s people fall into Strategic, Operational and Tactical roles. VAssure BSM helps organizations identify these people and define their roles for success. Strategic roles are policy makers who provide the “what” and “why” of the initiative. Tactical roles enforce the policy; they are “how” the initiative is carried out. Operational roles are implementers and customers; the “who” this initiative affects.

People are most impacted by change, so helping them understand the changes and what they mean to the organization will help minimize any negative impact. VAssure BSM educates your employees on the various people, process and technology impacts as well as what the business benefits are. This empowers your staff as active participants in your organization’s operational effectiveness.

Process Creates Efficiency
VAssure BSM understands that good business processes are repeatable and show measurable benefits to the business. We evaluate the following three levels of business drivers so the resulting processes best support the dynamics of the business.

Global Business Environment: Drivers like the decision to outsource or in-source help desk functions.
Industry Specific: Drivers like ITIL Compliancy and HIPAA regulations
Business Specific: Drivers like reducing support costs, increasing efficiency and providing web self service to users.

According to ITIL, Incident and Problem Management is categorized into Resolution Processes. Incident Management processes manage the customer relationship while Problem Management processes manage the association of problems into known errors to facilitate a knowledge base for efficient future resolution.

Incident Management Processes should:

Ensure the best possible and maintainable service levels
Increase agent efficiency and enable effective maintenance of service levels
Minimize the impact on business operations by minimizing user downtime

Problem Management Processes should:

Initiate Root Cause analysis to reduce recurrence of incidents and problems
Minimize the adverse impact and frequency of Incidents and Problems
Initiate actions to improve or correct the situation and store in central knowledge base

ITIL is a best practices guideline for service support, but does not account for business or industry specific nuances. VAssure BSM does not force fit ITIL into your company, we overlay your business with ITIL guidelines to identify and define optimal business processes.
Technology Automates IPM
Technology is the vehicle for implementing the business processes and enforcing corporate policy across disparate groups of people. VAssure BSM has identified a core set of best of breed technology to help communicate your IT processes and business goals:

BMC Remedy Help Desk: Automates support processes including the ability to submit, monitor and manage help desk cases, change requests and inventory records.
BMC Remedy Service Level manegements: ability to manage the entire range of service level agreement (SLA) processes operational level agreements (OLA)s & underpinning Contracts from definition and monitoring compliance to collecting and analyzing performance data, addressing problem areas and continually defining the services offered.
BMC Event Manager: Monitors network and systems management functions and can be seamlessly integrated into the service desk.
BMC Service Impact Manager: Links service desk and event management to prioritize and align service support with business operations to understand the impact of disruptions.
KMXperts Knowledge Management: Provides an integrated knowledge management service desk and web self service capabilities to users.

Measurable Success
Milestones provide measurable benefits and value as you move from simple incident handling to multi-level problem and root cause analysis and on to pre-incident problem resolution. VAssure BSM helps define the metrics that are important to your organization and set ROI goals and targets according.

Incident Handling
  • Visibility into incident volume and baseline closure rates by accuracy
  • Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Multi-level problem and root cause analysis
  • Formalized root cause analysis process
  • Reduce overall occurrence of incidents by establishing a database of known errors

Pre-incident Problem resolution
  • Integration of event management, help desk and service level management systems
  • Visibility into incidents before users are impacted by downtime
  • Proactive problem resolution and avoidance

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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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