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The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a library of IT management best practices derived from real world experience. The IT Service Support and Service Delivery books describe key processes for managing IT services. The books provide an integrated and cohesive set of best practices plus the standardized language to communicate them. ITIL best practices are guides referencing the most successfully proven processes and workflows. ITIL leaves room for interpretation allowing each organization to implement the service support and delivery procedures to match their unique business requirements.

Accelerate ITIL with Remedy
Remedy software solutions can accelerate your ITIL initiatives and create a seamless solution. The Remedy ITSM suite was one of the first ITIL certified applications on the market. This integrated solution is easy to use, provides a customizable implementation and is scalable for your future.

Benefits of ITIL

Alignment of IT with the business
Support Business Continuity Management
Reduce costs and increase efficiencies
Better application of Remedy Technology per ITIL standards
Increase visibility and environmental controls
Compliance with SOX or other regulation
Improve quality of service to business requirements

Define ITIL for Your Business
VAssure BSM offers a customizable ITIL solution to help you adopt the ITIL framework into your Remedy environment. This solution includes the following elements that can be selected individually or
together for a complete ITIL implementation.

ITIL Gap Analysis

Understand and define IT management goals
Assess all current processes (manual/automated) maturity,
effectiveness and performance
Overlay ITIL and other standards and/or methods
Continuous Improvement Program, including goals and
targets for ongoing process improvement Roadmap for
Remedy technology and ITIL process alignment

IT Business Process Refinement and Design

Refinements & re-engineering of existing business processes
Design of new IT management business processes
Building processes into software for automation

Educational Workshop

Introduction to ITIL concepts
Education on new IT processes and impact on business
How new processes work in Remedy workflow
Process Workshop : Applying ITIL to create workflows
Technology Workshop: Supporting ITIL with technology
Recommend training and/or certification for staff

ITIL Roadmap Development Workshop

Combination of the previous three offerings
Education of ITIL disciplines
ITIL Assessment and grading
Gap Analysis
ITIL Maturity Roadmap

Your ITIL Achievement Partner
VAssure BSM's team of service management experts and ITIL certified consultants provide the balance between ITIL and your business. VAssure BSM does not force fit ITIL into your company, instead we overlay
your business requirements with the ITIL guidelines to identify, define and implement optimal business processes for success.Good business processes are repeatable and show measurable value to the business over time. VAssure BSM evaluates the Global, Industry and Business specific drivers so the resulting processes best support the dynamics of the business while addressing future business goals.

VAssure BSM Delivers ITIL

ITIL Certified Consultants and Solution Architects
Service Management Center of Expertise
Remedy focused ITIL workshops
Understand the balance between business and ITIL process
Real world ITIL experience with customers

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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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