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Managed Service Support


Application Support will be provided to ensure uptime and availability.

Activities Covered

We will proactively initiate product support as required
Respond to incidents to restore service
Investigate the Root cause in appropriate cases
Performance and SLA reporting (Details covered in Reports section)

The applications will be maintained for the duration of the contract. Constant and regular updates would be included, as well as documented. VAssure’s Remedy expertise will be a core asset in ongoing maintenance, our expertise across multiple projects will serve the Customers well to ensure the system stays reliable for extended periods of time.

Activities Covered

Monitoring AR server performance
Planned AR System definition backups
Planning and execution of housekeeping and archiving activities
Recommend changes to improve performance and implement those if it falls under minor enhancements category. If the recommendations requires more than one day effort then it will be considered separate billable project.
Proactive patch management, (maintenance releases only)
Remedy application performance monitoring as described below:
  • Workflow performance (Only if issues reported by Customer)
  • Queries

Minor Enhancements
Minor enhancements will be implemented. These are defined as enhancements that do not take more than 1 day to implement these changes. Five such minor enhancements will be covered per month. Enhancements considered to be larger in scope will be addressed as separate billable projects. The unutilized time will not be carried forward into next month.

Activities Covered

  • Escalations
  • Adding/modifying/disabling Notifications
  • Addition of fields/or changing field labels / hiding fields
  • Assignment Configurations
Data Configuration
  • Anything in Remedy Application Configuration. (Configuration Manager)
  • Drop down menus (CTI, locations, etc), user names / passwords
Def and Static Data back ups
  • Remedy application level

Integrations play a significant role in Remedy environments. VAssure along with the Customers will identify the integration points to Remedy. Identified integration points are monitored from Remedy AR System side with agreed upon verification by the customer and VAssure, for data being received and sent to and from the Remedy system. Specific integrations may require in depth analysis during the due diligence and Knowledge Acquisition Phase (KAP).

Day to day administration work will be handled by VAssure. Tasks like Adding / Deleting / Updating user privileges, changing user groups, changing login ids and passwords.

Activities Covered

Add & delete users
Add, delete & change user permissions

Configuration changes at Remedy AR System & Applications level will be supported by VAssure. This would include changes like the default support email id, notification defaults, pager numbers, email ID’s etc.

Activities Covered

Customizations to workflow, filters and forms
Maintain existing integrations to other applications from Remedy AR System side which are covered under the contract.
Knowledge Transfer, training and notification to Help Desk personnel on new configuration, functionality or features.

Documentation will be kept up to date to reflect all the changes being made by VAssure. This will include scripts, code, business process and other such changes being made to the system. Customers will have access to complete documentation at all points of time in soft copy.

Remedy System Monitoring
Monitoring adds another layer of assurance. In addition to the activities performed in the Managed Services offering the following will also be performed by VAssure. An open source monitoring tool will be used to perform monitoring activities if Customer’s monitoring tool is not available.
Remedy AR Server Monitoring

Remedy System availability by login (once per hour with automated script in Managed BSM Services Offering only)
Remedy License Usage and advise if additional licenses required
Remedy Action Request System Server logs
Remedy Email engine if configured

Remedy Mid-Tier Monitoring

Remedy Mid-Tier component
JSP engine (Only monitoring of engine will be done and in case of JSP engine going down VAssure Support team will notify the Customer, no administration or maintenance work will be VAssure responsibility)
Web server (Only monitoring of engine will be done and in case of Web Server going down VAssure support team will notify the Customer, no administration or maintenance work will be VAssure responsibility)

Remedy Application Database Monitoring

Database Availability
Database Connectivity

Remedy Server OS Monitoring

OS Availability
OS Events & Errors

Remedy Server Network Connectivity Monitoring

Network Availability

Remedy Server Infrastructure Monitoring

Disk Space Monitoring
CPU Utilization Monitoring
Physical Memory Utilization Monitoring

Disaster Recovery Service
In the event of a serious service outage that is expected to continue for more than one working day, VAssure shall, in consultation with Customer, participate and support the Customer in the service continuity plan.

Standard GCC reports will be available to Customers online on GCC support portal on monthly basis.

Following are the Standard Reports available on the Customer portal.


# Report Name Frequency
1 Incident Report by Priority and Category Monthly
2 Incident Report by Resolution Time Monthly
3 Incident Response and Resolution SLA violation Details Monthly
4 Service Request Summary Monthly
5 Service Requests by Urgency and Category Monthly
6 Average Incident Response and Resolution SLA by Priority On Demand
7 Incident Response and Resolution SLA violation Details On Demand
8 Incidents Dashboards On Demand
9 Outstanding Incidents Dashboards Scheduled
10 First Time Fixed Incidents Report Scheduled
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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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