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Quality Assurance Maintenance


Today's business climate applies increasing pressure on organizations to remain "one step ahead" of the competition in technological advances and one step below on the spending ladder. These two opposing forces oftentimes push decision makers into seemingly into a stalemate between garnering enough resources for sustained growth while tightly managing the bottom line Within the realm of IT development, a company's IT infrastructure is the backbone of the company supporting all the necessary employee computer systems to highly regulated company financials running on servers with proprietary applications. IT application development is an integral process of continuous improvement where increasingly relevant applications are created and older applications are updated to meet future business objectives. At many organizations the pressures of time, resource and budget constraints most negatively affect the quality assurance phase of development.

VAssure BSM Quality Assurance Maintenance (cQAM)
VAssure BSM realizes the value of thoroughly testing applications prior to deploying them to any production environment. VAssure BSM understands today's competitive business environment and has created a cost conscious Quality Assurance solution to help companies meet their deployment deadlines with quality
Applications and decreased risk of affecting the existing environment. VAssure BSM Quality Assurance Maintenance (cQAM) is a full service outsourced Quality Assurance offering to assist companies
with internal BMC Remedy application development teams with the thorough testing of their new applications. Specifically, cQAM will focuses on full regression testing of the software development to
ensure that any modifications have not adversely affected previously working functions. With BMC Remedy applications, so much workflow is oftentimes linked so it is imperative that the regression test phase be instituted to not break related workflow. It is a quality control measure to ensure that the newly modified code still complies with its specified requirements and that unmodified code has not been affected by the maintenance activity.

The core components of cQAM include:


Processes (Methodology)

The core components of cQAM include:

Applications Included
Documentation Gathering and Definition
Scoping & Estimation
Resource Planning & Organization Structure
Environment Setup, Test Execution and Defect Tracking
Analyze root cause and suggest solution

Key Benefits of cQAM

High Quality Service
Quick turnaround times
Knowledgeable and well trained technical staff
Flexibility to scale up quickly for crunch times
Integration with other VAssure BSM services
Well defined migration process
Customizable solutions based on customer needs
Re-focus limited Enterprise Resources to more strategic solutions
Current application documentation

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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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