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Data Center Services

VAssure offers clients a complete and flexible solution to data center hosting needs. Through our complete range of technology and service solutions and economies of scale, we provide a secure, reliable, and highly accessible service for your business needs. Offerings comprise basic to advanced hosting capabilities, including e-mail, Web, and application hosting.

Data Center Management

With rapid changes in available technology, client data centers house a heterogeneous technology infrastructure stack, consisting of different operating systems, databases, middle tier applications and management tools, among others.
VAssure’ team of infrastructure specialists can remotely monitor & manage a client's data center on a 24 X 7 X 365 basis. Our diverse skill base encompasses Microsoft & Unix operating systems, storage systems, middle tier applications and a variety of databases.
Today, we cost effectively manage over thousands of servers, about thousand database instances and multiple storage & messaging systems for our clients. Our ITIL process capabilities help us to streamline client processes, thus enhancing productivity.

Our various range of hosting services includes the following:
Support for Wintel, Linux and UNIX environments
Core infrastructure redundancy
Redundant network infrastructure, including multiple telecom entry points and dual DS3 connections
Redundant power backed by two city grids, UPS, and a diesel generator
Redundant SAN/NAS and DASD storage and backup management with off-site storage
24/7, 365-days-a-year event and system monitoring and support
Advanced security capability
Database and messaging administration
Disaster recovery
Additionally, VAssure uses root case analysis based problem management techniques, to continuously reduce noise levels in the client infrastructure, thus improving customer satisfaction.
For more information about how VAssure can assist with your data center requirements, contact an expert today by completing our Contact Us form.

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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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