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Infrastructure Consulting & Integration Overview

The Infrastructure consulting and Integration (IC&I) services and solutions from VAssure help customers to build responsive infrastructure solutions including networks, data centers, messaging systems etc to meet the critical needs of today’s businesses.

VAssure provides customized Infrastructure Consulting Services to help customers architect, build, manage, and optimize the IT infrastructures. These Consulting Services are typically short term and focused engagements that can provide customers with tactical and strategic recommendations in many areas of the IT environment.

And VAssure takes pride in owning up the recommendations that the Consulting Services bring up and is fully capable of implementing these recommendations as separate projects for its customers. VAssure’s Global System Integration relationships with major infrastructure vendors give it the capability to source, supply and implement hardware and software solutions globally.

The vast experience that VAssure has in the Infrastructure Consulting and Integration services reflects in the robust Engineering Lifecycles that it has developed for each of the services. These Engineering Lifecycles ensure the quality of the methodologies being followed and the deliverables of any projects. This also ensures that the quality experienced by our customers is consistent across the various services that we provide.

Leveraging from its leadership position as the best offshore infrastructure service provider, VAssure has brought in innovative delivery models and extended its global delivery model to the Infrastructure Consulting and Integration services. VAssure is pioneer in building Factory Models for the implementation of server consolidation, application migrations, application compatibility testing etc.

Our broad offerings are:

Please visit the specific services page for more information and more services in the specific areas.

Why VAssure?

Clients routinely say that the VAssure difference is as follows:

Unlike other vendors who offer "packaged" services and assessments, VAssure's offerings are highly customizable—tailored to meet a company's needs and budget.
Ability to not only provide tactical and strategic recommendations but also to implement and integrate solutions.
The recommendations are not at a superficial level but have helped customers to implement solutions using the recommendations
VAssure specializes in all aspects of infrastructure solutions—hardware, software and processes.
VAssure’s belief that every IT shop is unique

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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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