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Application Performance Management

Enterprises are moving from Service Management to Business Service Management (BSM). AMC helps customer in achieving one of the key components of BSM i.e. the ability to manage/monitor applications end to end and aligning information technology (IT) and the business it supports.

Application Performance Management tools enable the customer to drill down and pinpoint performance bottlenecks occurring at any layer. It could be from the application server down to the end user desktop. Its also provides End User Performance, Application Monitoring and Business Process Monitoring.

The solution enables customers to manage critical business processes to ensure intended business outcomes are achieved. It offers an innovative top-down approach integrating, business, end-user, and IT, providing a clear picture of the complex infrastructure that underlies key applications.

AMC’s support includes event handling and leveraging VAssure’s Global Command Center (GCC) delivery platform. GCC allows customers to use the Remedy Trouble ticketing tool (optional) and log incidents automatically based on the criticality of the event.

Key Benefits for Organizations

Monitoring from an end-user perspective
Correlation of system data with end-user performance and availability information
Visualization of the same data in ways that make sense for specific groups and management levels
Generation of alerts upon degradation of end-to-end performance and availability
Mapping of application and infrastructure dependencies to provide insight into the business impact of all IT changes

Application Management Center (AMC)

In VAssure, Application Management Center is a practice that focuses on delivering flexible end-to-end services such as Application Monitoring, End user performance management, 1st level Application Support, Alert & event handling, Incident Management and Problem Management for business applications running on critical infrastructure. These services provide detailed insight into the way every applications work. These details help customers to consolidate applications, plan for upgrades, and perform capacity planning. The focus is to maximize the performance, availability and flexibility of the applications in a production environment.

Application Management Center (AMC) is a Service Level Management platform that provides scalable, resilient, and reliable process monitoring & Support capabilities to proactively manage the customers IT infrastructure and critical business services.

AMC services help in accelerating the deployment of tools and increase the return on investment by leveraging VAssure’s infrastructure, operations and expertise. The service enables customers to focus on critical IT and business initiatives rather than day-to-day system administration, and streamline your application management processes.

Application Management Center (AMC) offers the following

1. Application Support (AS)
2. Application Performance Management (APM)

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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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