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VAssure has a team of dedicated database administrators providing cutting edge technology support for Oracle, Sybase, DB2/UDB, Teradata MSSQL, and MySQL databases. This expertise, knowledge management and automation ensure high level of database availability at all times. VAssure provides these services under the auspices of proactive monitoring, administration services and consulting services. VAssure provides these services through a flexible onsite-offshore model on a 24x7 basis that is compliant with ITIL-based framework.

VAssure is the one of the largest remote database administration services provider and is currently supporting more than 40,000 database instances for more than 50 customers across US, Europe and Japan. It has strategic alliances with all leading database vendors, including Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. The database services are provided across diverse platforms including UNIX, Linux and Windows using tools like BMC Patrol, Quest tools, CA Unicenter, Vantage, Tivoli, HPOV, etc.

Database Services



Basic Administration

Consulting and Advanced Administration

Database instance availability
Install,Maintain, Administer, Create - Databases
Database consolidation
Session monitoring
Performance tuning - DB, object, index tuning
Database software / tool evaluation
Query / transaction monitoring
Physical database design
Database consulting for disaster recovery
Alert log /trace file monitoring
Create / maintain database objects
Vendor and license management
Rollback segment monitoring
Database security administration
Database backup and recovery design
Lock and latch monitoring
Backup and recovery execution
Defining standard operating policies
Tablespace / data file growth and fragmentation monitoring
Setting up of replication / stand by / clusters
Root cause analysis, problem resolution
Generating statistics
Database patch installation
Database decommission
Memory and cache monitoring
Installing and maintaining of DB tools
Capacity planning
Activity / redo log monitoring
Database incident /error resolution
Security policies
Job monitoring and purging job history
Database upgrade / migration
Database quote requests and project consulting
Replication / stand by monitoring
Database refresh
Trend analysis
Object monitoring
Performance trends
Facilitate database training / education
Backup execution and monitoring
Proactive management
News & Events

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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