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Through Managed Hosting Services, VAssure provides end-to-end hosting management on a 24x7 global support, via its Global Command Center (GCC). With its rich experience in building and maintaining large customer requirements through skilled professionals, domain knowledge of emerging technologies and markets, superior business acumen, strategic partners and focus on stringent quality measures, VAssure has delighted customers across domains. Clients include finance & banking, software enterprises, facilities management, internet service providers, internet data centers and call centers. VAssure also has partnerships with premier vendors like Computer Associates and HP, IBM, SUN, Cisco, EMC, Nortel, etc.

Service Offerings

Server management
System administration
Monitoring services
Installation and configuration services
Diagnostic services
Monitoring operations
Database management
Storage management
Service level management
Service report management
Ticket management
Change control

Services and Features

IT infrastructure management services: Desktops, network, help desk, messaging, mainframe, server, OS and database management.
IT infrastructure consulting and integration services: Responsive to customer infrastructure needs for planning, consulting, testing and maintenance activities.
Security services: Fostering trust and protecting customer assets.
Telecom infrastructure services: Installation, managing high capacity telecom switches, PBX, SDH and SONET-based transmission equipment and network elements.
Remote management: Monitoring, administration, diagnostics, and trend-based consultancy services on managed elements like servers, networks, security elements, and databases from offshore support center.
Application Hosting and Management

Our technical support team has experience across technology platforms and we have structured the business in a way to deliver exceptional customer support, by providing datacenter hosting services through our partners, and providing managed services on the infrastructure and the applications components using the global delivery model.
State-of-the-Art Facilities and Infrastructure
Our partners have superior facilities, managed by highly responsive operations professionals. Each hosting facility features raised floors, redundant power, redundant carrier-neutral network services, early warning fire detection systems, extremely high levels of physical and network security, and consistent environmental controls.

High Security
The solutions we provide address physical, operational, and logical security needs; further our process emphasis and internal audits ensure that the technicians consistently adhere to security policies and procedures. The security team has vast industry experience and can assist with the creation and maintenance of the security policies to be deployed on managed systems to ensure conformance to requirements.
Flexible Solutions

Flexibility is a key component of our service delivery; through this we make sure that individual customer requirements are addressed in the way that best suits the customer.

News & Events

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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