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VAssure Technologies’ Mainframe offering is designed to provide enterprises with access to best-in-class technology, process and people. Further, the offering and add-on services are flexible outsourcing solutions that address all the critical business issues and are tailored towards solving specific business problems that run across enterprises within multiple vertical industries.

With over 90 customers across the globe for infrastructure services, TIS is the largest system integrator and infrastructure service provider from India. TIS has a large pool of qualified engineers, and manages quick ramp-up projects, leveraging on its experience of handling large development and maintenance operations. TIS uses proven methodologies including Six Sigma, Lean and ITSM, while the deliverables conform to ITIL framework.

On an ongoing basis, our pro-active advisory services, helps a client to improve productivity & increase ROIC by optimizing their infrastructure & processes.

Services Offerred Capabilities Delivered
Mainframe Operations Support
(zSeries and iSeries)
Availability of the system
Monitoring on-line transactions
Job scheduling and monitoring
Problem reporting and tracking
Adopting escalation mechanisms
Console operations
Z / OS Administration Installation of patches and OS upgrades
Hardware configuration definitions
Monitoring system resources
Managing VTAM and TCP / IP resources
Defining logon procedures
Defining new LPARS
RACF administration – group level
Database and Storage Management
Support for IMS, DB2, IDMS, ADABAS
Installation /configuration of new DB sub-systems
Creating database objects
Data backup and recovery
Database performance tuning
BSDS management
DASD and tape management
Defining new DASD volumes
Making volumes SMS enabled
Estimating storage requirements for new applications
Middleware Support

CICS Administration
 • Setting up the CICS regions
 • Monitoring the CICS system transactions
 • Defining / maintaining CICS system tables
 • ABEND analysis and resolutions
 • Analyzing CICS system logs

MQ Administration
 • Setting up the MQ regions
 • Defining MQ objects and channels
 • Associating CICS transactions with MQ initiators
 • Starting and configuring MQ brokers
 • Cluster management

Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning
Estimating memory and storage
Setting priorities of sub systems
Defining user classes for batch jobs
Usage analysis for CPU, memory and storage
System performance tuning
Preemptive alerts management
System resource management
iSeries Administration Installation of patches and OS upgrades
Backup recovery and media services
Performance management and tuning
Disk space management
Interfaces to and from iSeries
High availability management (Mimix, Vision, etc.)
Disaster recovery planning and exercise

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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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