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Product Engineering Lab Support

The Test, Development and QA Engineering Lab Support Practice is a part of the Technology Infrastructure Services division in VAssure Technologies and has been providing lab support services to various telecom clients since 1996. We have in-depth configuration and management expertise in core, access and media technologies to cater to proprietary hardware and software products of a variety of telecom vendors. The Practice is proficient in Proficient in various aspects of lab management processes – operational, security and management and is backed by the organization’s long and diverse expertise gained by working with the top telecom equipment vendors and service providers across the globe for a long time now.

Scope of Services :

VAssure has strong Telecom domain expertise in Wireline, Wireless and IP technologies along with in-depth expertise in Optical and Access products. The Engineering Lab Support Services include:

Installation and Management of Captive Network Elements
Equipment and Environment Support
Program Management and Operational Support
Configuration Management
System Utilization reporting and Analysis
System administration and Environment support

Elements of Environment Support

Captive Office Equipment Support
  • Site Planning / Environment Build Up (Power, A/C, Access etc.)
  • Installation & Commissioning (As per SOW agreement with 3rd party Vendor)
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Sanity Checks
  • Dynamic and Project Specific Re-configuration
  • Load Build and Management
  • Service Level / Availability of CO

SCM and Release Management
Source Code Control / Configuration Management / Migration

Designer Environment Maintenance
Desktop Access Control
Server Management
Software Configuration Management
Installation and Maintenance of SCM Tools (ClearCase, PVCS, Insight)
Version Control across Multiple Locations (CC Multisite)
Proprietary Tools Maintenance (PLS, Pro)
Migration of source code to ClearCase, test and roll out
Build Management
  • Performing loadbuilds and resolving loadbuild errors.
  • Managing configuration records
  • Identifying and Implement scripts using perl for build management.
  • Scheduling automated builds
  • Generating build reports
Integration Management
  • Develop and implement branching strategies
  • Define and implement configuration management policies
  • Creation of Branches, Labels and other ClearCase metadata
  • Setting up triggers

Asset Management

Product Engineering Labs require extensive asset management considering the constant churn of product configurations to meet various simulation criteria. We have built up extensive experience in managing customer equipment right from interacting with governmental authorities in getting import clearance to managing inventory databases and modules on various platforms like Siebel, SAP and i2. We also have developed expertise on various proprietary tools used by telecom vendors for global management of assets and spares:

Global Equipment Management System (GEMS) (R)
Inventory Control Database developed within a reputed Optical Networks Manufacturer for accurate tracking of all network equipment to a specific location
Usage Parameters include
Identification and generation of report for bay/shelf/ slot position of the circuit pack
Generation of System wise inventory report
Generation of circuit pack wise inventory
Threshold level setting for re-ordering
Spare circuit packs tracking
Generation of bar code for unidentified modules

Data Center and Development Environment Support

Administration of Unix servers – Multi site / Multi team environment
Unix Account Management
Disk Space and File system management
Administration of DNS Servers
Administration of NFS and NIS
Security Management
Backup Management
Performance Management
Tuning Kernel
Troubleshooting and Problem resolution
Windows Installation and Configuration
NT Server Management
Windows Migration
Access Tools Management (Exceed etc.)

Why VAssure

Extensive Telecom Lab Support expertise
VAssure has a dedicated practice which pioneers in the support of telecom and product engineering lab infrastructure for Telecom Equipment Vendors/Service Providers and Product Equipment Manufacturers. And VAssure has been doing this for a decade…..

Product Independent Integrator
VAssure views its role as a product-independent and technology-savvy external service provider, with a strong consulting team, which can evaluate different technical options, architectures, packages and select and implement the right mix for a given business problem.

Core IS/IT Strengths
VAssure has been working in the Infrastructure Implementation and maintenance areas for the last 23 years. VAssure has worked with 7 of the top 10 telecom equipment vendors and 6 of the top 10 telecom Service Providers.
VAssure has over 4000 persons in IT and Telecom domain with
More than 75,000 person years in hardware support
More than 30,000 person years in software support and networking
Proven Project/ Program Management skills

Owing to the tremendous depth of telecom and Installation/ Commissioning expertise, VAssure is well accustomed to successfully executing projects in time while maintaining high levels of quality.


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VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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