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Telecom Managed Services

With the onset of globalization, global companies are looking at innovative, cost-effective and integral way of running their business. VAssure works closely with telecom service providers to reduce their operating costs, establishing significant improvements in efficiency and ensures profitable growth through delivery of exceptional customer service. VAssure's strength in telecom managed services lies in its strong proven models in strategic transformation and transition. VAssure currently services over 50 telecom equipment vendors and service providers; some of these engagements and partnerships have extended over a decade.

Over the years, VAssure has gathered rich experience and knowledge in this domain and tackles clients' concerns of technology complexity, process maturity and integration, as well as transition issues through proven methodologies and quality of service. VAssure addresses client issues across the gamut of technologies. VAssure has experience in various telecom network / technologies with a variety of telecom equipment vendors; this experience has been amassed by working in a host of domains, including product engineering, testing, system integration and network management.
Client Benefits

Transforming services and aligning to business strategy
Option of “Lift-Shift-Fix” or “Fix-Lift-Shift” approach to meet varied service requirements
Offshore strategy and service consolidation to achieve immediate cost savings
Leverage IT and systems integration to achieve operational excellences and cost reduction
Customizable to accommodate various customer scenarios, including hostile takeovers
Supported by established transition program management framework to mitigate various transition risks
Focus on service quality improvement through Six Sigma, ITIL, LEAN to achieve business KPI
Proven transition framework that are well-defined with quality gates and defined deliverables

Telecom Managed Services

Network Planning and Design Services

Transmission networks
Data networks – IP / VPN / FR / ATM / MPLS networks
Convergence and contact center networks
DCN networks
Test lab engineering
Network management systems
Service assurance platforms

Network Management Services

Service provisioning
Customer service assurance
Network monitoring and management (access + core)
Hosting and data center management
DCN network management

Integration and Project Management Services

Core telecom network rollout
Access / core network integration and testing
New service design and rollout

Enterprise IT Management Services

Enterprise IT infrastructure management
Desktops / servers
Enterprise applications
Service desk applications
Inventory management
Enterprise IT application support

Contact Center Services

Multimedia contact center design and implementation
IVR and IWR self service strategies
CTI – CRM integration and CTI applications
Customer interaction management solutions
Quality and customer environment management solutions
Call center management application and tools
Audit and re-engineering

VAssure's Offerings in the Telecom Planning and Integration Service

News & Events

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

VAssure provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including assessments

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