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e- Business and Enterprise Applications

VAssures helps its clients in getting high quality reliable new e-Business capabilities, then delivers the reliable, scalable end-to-end solutions needed to bring them rapidly to market. Our comprehensive e-Business application testing solution ensure the scalability and reliability of business-critical applications.

Our QA Team tests and fine-tunes your e-Business system to ensure it is bug free and verifies its focus on your core business processes, security, targets, values and logic. Our Professionals bring in strong Domain Expertise, Project Management and Test Strategizing skills to ensure quality of development and timely roll-outs of applications. VAssures team can actively conduct all aspects of the testing lifecycle and maintain communication with analysts and developers as needed to support testing initiatives and ensure high-quality solutions in the arena of e-business solutions.

VAssures technology expertise include

Microsoft .Net, SOAP, XML technologies, ASP, ASP.Net
SUN’s J2EE Platforms, CGI/BIN, PERL, PHP, ColdFusion, Java
J2EE based WebSphere, WebLogic, TomCat applications server based applications
Development and quality assurance of heterogeneous systems utilizing messaging and queuing techniques for interaction between system components. Successfully completed a number of projects involving the integration of large software systems using JMS, MS-MQ, IBM MQ Series and Microsoft Message Queue software.
Understanding of some of the aspects of e-business computing:

• Execution (App Servers, MTS, ORB technology, etc.);
• Persistence;
• Messaging (MOM, JMS, EAI, MQ, MSMQ);
• Workflow;
• Distributed Transactions (XA, TIP, TP Monitors);
• Security;
• Multi-threaded servers;
• Concurrency Deployment;
• System Management and Monitoring;
• Scalability and High Availability

DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server database testing including :

• Application level DB procedures testing
• Stored procedure testing
• Triggered stored procedures functionality
• Stored procedures which include queries that cover the entire table i.e., table scans (performance)
• Store Procedures which return nothing (performance)
• System/application errors returned to the user
• Corrupt data
• Susceptibility to deliberate, destructive attacks, such as SQL Injection attacks

Microsoft and SUN Technologies, XML and Oracle, in various Operating Environments like Windows, Unix, HP-UX, AIX and Linux.
Implementation experience with XML technologies: Parsers, XSLT, Schema, SOAP
Demonstrated understanding of OO A&D, UML, and software concepts like design patterns, frameworks, and components.
Functional/regression testing of web, character-based, and GUI systems. Can test multiple types of web applications including ActiveX, HTML, DHTML, XML, Java, Swing, and more
Web testing to check :

• Links,
• Site mapping,
• Orphaned URL's ,
• Missing attributes;
• Scans for multiple types of web site problems

Java code inspection with a major portion of code automated inspection process, for early detection of software defects and assessment of code quality.

e-Business / Web functional regressions

VAssures has been instrumental in helping its customers streamline processes and work flows, resulting in:

Reduced cycle time in systems deployments
Reliable e-Business applications
Avoiding WEB bottlenecks by increasing customer loyalty and avoiding loss of revenues
Elimination of system and network bottlenecks.
Minimized communications problems and errors
Consolidated information for comprehensive audit tracking
Facilitated decision making
Efficiency and productivity improvement

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