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ERP, CRM and EAI Applications

VAssures professionals have extensive knowledge of and a planned approach for ERP packages such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle 11i, Siebel application deployments and can help companies identify production problems and quickly resolve verification, scalability and reliability issues that can often hamper ERP/CRM implementations. With the help of VAssure’s consultants, companies have been able to save time, money and resources by avoiding costly down time.

We work closely with companies to plan and deliver the appropriate suite of services and tools for ensuring the overall reliability of enterprise applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, CRM, SCM, and integration of the same.

Ensure quality customer relationship management, (CRM), product line management (PLM), and supply chain management (SCM) implementations by validating customized applications with your existing legacy systems and infrastructure,
Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by improving the quality, performance, and availability of your enterprise applications, and
Domain constraints to check value domains and referential constraints to check the data in one table that is related to other tables would be a valuable tool for the customer
Testing the ERP conference room pilot.
Provide system testing for an ERP system involving the tests that can be classified into two general testing needs: implementation testing and change management testing
Testing a range of Oracle Applications and Financials implementations, providing best practice implementations of functional as well as load and performance testing.
VAssures provide automated performance and functionality testing solutions for packaged client/server applications, like SAP's R/3, PeopleSoft, Oracle Applications, Baan and Siebel.
Functional testing of PeopleSoft applications, by quickly and easily recording and playing back of user transactions.
Our team provides enterprise testing, performance tuning, and SAP application performance management, allowing you to reuse scripts from pre-deployment testing to post-deployment monitoring.

VAssure’s enterprise applications test experts, armed with a suite of test automation tools built around ERP, CRM and EAI applications technology, reduce testing effort drastically, increase test coverage, and reduce full test cycle times. Some of the activities we provide as part of the solutions package are:

Test strategies
Test lifecycle management
Test automation processes
Execution and verification
Test case maintenance processes
TCD design and development
Testing the ERP, CRM or EAI customized package

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