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VAssure's is providing the following services for financial and banking industry specific applications:

GBLA Compliance Verification & Validation:
Gramm-Leach Leach-Bliley Act of 1999: The US Federal Trade Commission recently finalized its rules for implementing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which became effective November 13, 2000, with full compliance required by July 2001. It regulates the privacy of personally identifiable, non-public financial information disclosed by financial institutions to non-affiliated third parties for the purposes of telemarketing or other direct marketing. The law requires that consumers be given notice, an opt-out choice, and reasonable security for their financial data. It prohibits the disclosure of account numbers and access codes for credit, deposit or transaction accounts to a non-affiliated party for marketing purposes. The GLBA also requires financial institutions to notify customers of their privacy policies and practices.

• Section 501(b) of the law states only that “financial holding companies must properly protect privacy.” It is the Federal Reserve, as the enforcer of the GLBA, that has enumerated exactly what “proper” protection entails.
• One of the key problem areas is the Web application layer, the part of the Internet architecture that enables a user to interact with a site. As more banks began offering so called “self-service” features on their Web sites—account information access, online payment and credit card application— the Web application layer is increasingly and constantly threatened.
• VAssures quality assurance (QA) testers and auditors assess Web application vulnerabilities and identify to fix the security holes during the application design, development and testing process

Personal and Private Banking:
Testing at various levels from unit, integration and functionality for Core banking applications involving deposits, personal loans credit cards, ATM facilities

Stock exchanges where testing has to be simulated as in a live environment as it involves huge financial transactions of Corporate, brokers, Individual traders and investors

Corporate Banking:
Corporate credit involving Letters of Credit, Bills Discounting, Overdrafts, Large term loans for Large banks are covered.

Asset Liability Management:
It is a risk management technique designed to earn adequate returns while maintaining a comfortable surplus of assets beyond liabilities. Takes into consideration interest rates, earning power, and degree of willingness to take on debt

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