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Automated Testing Tools

Business enterprises face the need for implementing QA processes at some stage or the other. The problem arises when the QA processes are either neglected or not created wisely to detect the shortcomings of the offered business solution. Recalling a product or applying critical patches allows the initial budgeted project costs to overrun, which not only affects the quality of the product / application, but also gives a severe jolt to the business image as well, let alone loss of customers and revenue.

Odds are directly proportional to the size of the project. The bigger the project, the bigger is the likelihood of a critical defect slippage. Until and unless there are structured toll gate based process controls, it is hard to detect the defect slippage.

At VAssure we understand the need for a proper process which controls the defect slippage. Our QA Process Management Service is a comprehensive solution for all the QA / Testing requirements enabling the successful release of a product.
Our expert team possesses adequate training and experience and has the backing of many domain experts to provide solutions for various verticals like BFSI, Retail, Education, Government, FMCG, and Publishing.
The Quality Assurance services offered by VAssure QA includes a full spectrum of black-box and white-box testing strategies. Our experience with many third-party testing tools and specialty in-house test applications allow us to be more productive through automation.
While we have the expertise to create test scripts and use automation tools, our engineers also have the focus, dedication, and QA mind-set that are required to effectively handle the demands of repetitive black box testing

Our experience in the field of testing and quality management and our complete understanding of the software testing life cycle enable us to deliver profitable solutions quickly. We have helped many organizations from various fields of the industry implement their projects by implementing one or more steps from our proven QA Process methodology.

Our focus has always been to provide the best service in the shortest possible time. With expertise in the various fields of testing at our disposal, we always manage to develop solutions that will increase the overall efficiency of the projects we work on. We believe in continuous improvement and are getting better with every project we undertake.

Tools and Automation Service provides our clients real benefits and optimum results by using our framework based methodology and automation methodologies. With our experience in Tools and Test Automation we provide high quality testing solution to make the project a success.

We have domain knowledge and expertise in executing projects for our clients in BFSI, Education, Retail, Government, and Media & Entertainment.

Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest test tools to successfully test applications in multiple environments. With our assessment of current automation procedures, we identify issues that could affect the outcome of automated testing. Our purpose is to ensure efficient automation and the key benefit of our tools and automation testing is that we improve testing coverage of applications before release and provide measurement of defects release rates at the beginning and during the testing process.

With an eye on the objective of the project, our experts in partnership with domain experts make use of appropriate automation tool, test tool implementation methodology, test automation design approach, and test automation project methodology, to ensure that complete testing solution is provided cost effectively and on time the following services have been made available:

We provide these services as an add-on to our Core Testing Services either as a Test and Automation Services Suite which will have all the features or as independent services according to the requirement of the client organization.

The size and complexity of today's systems combined with rapid development methodologies are increasing the time, budget and quality pressures on testing efforts. Our experts work on shortening release schedules through reduced testing cycle time and reducing production downtime. With our proven capabilities of choosing appropriate Tools and with our home grown automation architecture, we have been successful in reducing the regression testing time from weeks to hours. We have experts who are adept at working with a variety of tools by IBM, Compuware, HP and Borland. Some of the automated testing tools are:

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