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Consulting Methodology

At VAssure we have created robust DW/BI methodologies for consulting, realization, and maintenance projects. Designed to be modular, relevant modules can be chosen in a ‘plug-and-play’ manner, with minimum customization, allowing for projects with wide variance in scope.

These methodologies are customized based on your project requirements to ensure efficient project execution.

Consulting Methodology

Closely integrated with our DW/BI assessment framework, VAssure’s consulting methodology encompasses all critical areas of a DW/BI strategy.

Realization Methodology

Geared to achieve nimble data models and scalable architecture, VAssure’s realization methodology minimizes the need for data warehouse re-architecting.

Sustenance Methodology

Beginning with a portfolio analysis phase and proceeding to a continuous improvement-driven strategy, our maintenance methodology assures optimal support efficiency.

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