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Sustenance Methodology

Across engineering and management processes, VAssure’s maintenance methodology minimizes transition issues, and assures optimal support efficiency - now and in the future.

Key highlights :

Portfolio analysis

Ensures a carefully planned transfer, listing the breadth of applications and identifying those that are perfect for offshore support, based on structural evaluation criteria. DW/BI Health Monitors are also used to foresee future offshore issues.

Exhaustive knowledge acquisition process

With trackers to allow effective tracking and reviewing. Structured templates also ensure complete information gathering.

Focusing on interoperable processes

VAssure understands you might have your own processes implemented, or perhaps work with other vendor’s processes. Our aim is to define a full set of interoperable processes, with a mature repository of offshore DW/BI maintenance best practices and templates.

Transparency with rigorous governance processes

Implemented at the beginning of the engagement, with clarity on responsibilities and communication plan. A structured framework of metrics and SLAs is also put in place to track support efficiency.

No business disruption with smooth transitions

Structured shadow and reverse-shadow steps with clearly defined exit criteria assure smooth transitions without causing business disruption.

Continuous improvement driven strategy

VAssure’s support does not stop with issue resolution; the objective is also to identify areas where future issues may arise, and find ways to resolve them.

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