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Service Offerings

VAssure’s service offerings cover the entire spectrum of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions (DW/BI). We analyze the level of maturity within your overall DW/BI initiative, and then fine-tune our services for your specific business and technology needs.

VAssure has executed over 75 large and complex DW/BI projects; across multiple industries and business domains. As a part of these projects VAssure has gained in-depth understanding of the underlying business processes and the industry and this helps us take a point-of-view in those solution focus areas and leverage multiple best practices as a part of the solution implementation. The solution focus areas span business processes (many of these processes cut-across multiple industries) like supplier analytics, customer analytics, profitability analytics, sales analytics, financial performance analytics etc., and industry domains (cutting across business processes that are present in the industry) like consumer products, retail, automotive, financial services, and manufacturing. VAssure will thus bring in a bouquet of value-added services to partner with you and ensure strong returns on DW/BI investments.

VAssure's service offerings are focused in delivering disproportional value to the customers, by leveraging business process and industry domain knowledge and ensuring efficient execution through knowledge reuse and a structured methodical execution:

We focus on extensive cross training of our consultants across various data warehousing technologies and domains. This helps our 330+ consultants in designing architecture components which are in absolute harmony making the whole greater than the sum. It also helps us cross apply the best practice and design principles realized on one technology platform to the other.

Application Maintenance and Production Support
VAssure helps customers with the ongoing maintenance and expansion of existing BI solutions. We provide support through alternative execution models - including a fully onsite model, as well as our proprietary OneShore™ support model which right-locates the team between the onsite and offshore locations.

Application Support
This offering is designed to provide timely support for fixing post-production bugs and enhancements to the existing BI applications.

Production Support
Ensure greater application uptime with VAssure’s production support. Support spans SLA based ticket resolution and operational monitoring like data load and reject handling. We also help resolve application and data-related issues raised by application users, maintenance teams, and IT teams, based on structured root-cause analyses. VAssure also leverages time-zone differences, to offer more effective remote operational support to the customers in Europe and US geographies.


Upgrades & Migrations

As part of this offering, we enable our customers to upgrade from older versions of technology platforms to the newer more evolved versions with enhanced features. Our specialized and tailored approaches, built with the knowledge gained from multiple upgrade projects (e.g. Business Objects 5.X/6.X to BOXI, Cognos Impromptu to Cognos ReportNet, SAP BW 3.5 to SAP BI 7.0 etc.) ensures successful and rapid completion of these initiatives.

VAssure’s expertise can add significant value during platform migration and consolidation by leveraging the OneShore™ delivery model. Our experience with executing multiple large-scale migrations ensures that we consider every challenge, and leverage best practices to develop a structured migration approach for

OneShore™ Delivery Model
VAssure’s proprietary OneShore™ Model of ‘Integrated Delivery’ helps realize the cost advantages of offshore development, while mitigating the problems and risks typically associated with offshoring.

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