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Configuration Management Tools

VAssure's configuration and release management framework addresses challenges like concurrent development through multiple development teams in varied geographies, effectiveness of release planning and management before the actual roll-out, ensuring optimal usage of tools, number of builds and automation of builds optimization etc. It provided solutions to complex issues like software stability, control, scalability and auditability.

VAssure’s SCRM framework leverages on the best practices pertaining to configuration management and release as defined by the CMMI/ITIL standards and VAssure's own experiences in executing multiple projects across technologies and domains. VAssure’s solution addresses processes, guidelines and tool support for the following key Configuration Management activities:

Configuration Identification SCRM

Configuration Management

Configuration Status Accounting

Configuration Audit


The framework also focuses on the following areas :

Evaluation and selection of configuration management tool suitable for the project and organization
Planning, setup and operation of configuration management tool
Change management integrating change requests, change activities and change artifacts through tools
Distributed build and release management strategy
Componentized build and release management strategy

As a part of the SCRM Consulting, VAssure consultants bring in best practices to set up processes, methods and tools for :

Identification and management of configuration items within the development, test and deployment environment
Software and hardware component assembly
Branching, merging and management of source code repository
Clear steps for release of software and hardware into the test, QA, preproduction and deployment environments

Why VAssure for SCRM Consulting?
Practical, hands on knowledge on configuration and release management having implemented the same internally on product releases
Experience in designing frameworks for multi-vendor, multi-site application environments using a gamut of tools
A framework defined after extensive research of internal projects and practices. It is based on simple, easy-to-use processes with artifacts which can be reused
Extensive hands-on training to familiarize the practitioners on the new processes
Separate practice, focused on providing software configuration and release management solutions to clients

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