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Defect Tracking Management Tools

VAssure’ Tool and Automation Services help our clients apply best practice and implement tools effectively to achieve the optimum return on their investment and provide real benefit to the projects in which they are implemented.
In VAssure’ experience, projects succeed when the choice of tools for each area is informed by realistic expectations of their capabilities, thereby ensuring maximum performance. A critical aspect of any deployment of tools is to develop a realistic plan for implementation, establishing a business case that sets some expectations and structure around the project. One example of this is test automation, where stability of the program code environment is critical to success.
Test automation also provides challenges to less experienced test organizations, due to its requirement for a separate development lifecycle to produce a well structured, easily maintainable and reusable script environment.

VAssure has many years of experience in Defect Tracking Tools like

Mercury Interactive TestDirector
IBM Rational ClearQuest

implementation and test automation. This, combined with our extensive knowledge in building high quality testing harnesses and frameworks, provides you with an expert partner to make your project a success.
To find out more about our services, write to us at info@VAssure.com.

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