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System Integration Testing

System Testing

System testing is performed on an integrated system to assess system fulfillment with its specified requirements. The basic testing initiates with functional testing which verifies the functionality of the system having qualities such as performance and sturdiness.

Integration Testing

Integration testing is executed on individual software modules that are combined and tested. Principle of integration testing is to validate functional, performance and reliability.

Our System and Integration testing ensures that the interaction of two or more components produces results that satisfy functional requirement. With our system and integration testing services we ensure that the application functionality check is done in an integrated environment through rigorous module testing and extensive interaction with external systems.

Though the System testing and Integration testing are two different phase, we plan them together - to make them work better. In integration testing, we develop test cases with the express purpose of exercising the interface between the components and System. Testing is conducted on the complete integrated system and on a replicated production environment and we also evaluates that system compliance with specific functional and non functional requirements.

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