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User Assisted Acceptance Testing

Our User Assisted Acceptance Testing is the formal testing conducted to determine that the software system satisfies its acceptance criteria. User Assisted Acceptance Testing is the final step before rolling out the product. Using UAAT we ensure that product meets end-user functional requirements by performing the way it should. We strive to make sure that the software system performs its required functions in a manner that meets the acceptance criteria set by its eventual users. To meets the end-users requirement we perform Alpha and Beta testing as well.

Our approach is built based on the following areas of testing expertise:
Security : To ensure that all stages part of the proper functioning of the product are fully secure
Usability : To make sure that users face no difficulty while handling the product
Performance : To make sure that we are able to satisfy the performance needs of the end-users
Regression : To make sure that we are not hampering the required functionalities while making changes
Accessibility : To make sure that people with disability face no problems while handling the software system
Localization : To ensure that the product caters to the local needs and follows the acceptance norms of the specified region.
Automation : To provide more speed and consistency to the testing service
Business Acceptance : To make sure that the testing process is able to implement the procedures

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