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Cosmetic Check

Extraneous Content
This service helps to make sure that the localized version of the product does not contain content that is not present in the original version.

Text Truncation & Overrun
The conversion of some features to achieve localization may cause unwanted defects. These may occur if the length of textbox for input is long enough for an English version of the software but is too short for the local language input required. This causes the text to be truncated. Text overrun occurs when after translation the words displayed in the local language exceed the space allotted to them. We perform a comprehensive check to help remove such errors.

Menu Consistency
This service is there to make sure that the menu available in the localized version has the same number of functions as the English version.

Unique Hot Keys
Sometimes when translating to a local language some hotkeys may be assigned more than one function. This will result in an error. We scrutinize the localized product carefully so that the end product has unique hot keys.






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