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Functional Check

Test Installations and Un-Installation
This service is available for validating the installation and un-installation on the local operating system. For this we build a system that resembles the locally available environment.

Menu Function & Hot Keys
We make sure that the functions present in the menu do not change when converting from one language to another. We also check that the functionality of the hot keys is properly defined and not lost once the product has been localized.

Driver Manipulation
This check is useful while ensuring that the drivers have been manipulated to suit the local needs and they perform the same functions that the corresponding drivers for the global language perform.

Core UI Testing
The user interface of the localized product is compared to the non-localized product to make sure that they offer the same functions to the local user as to the global one.

Localized Input Device
We make sure that the inputs are language independent so that the product can work in sync with any localized input device. We also check that the functioning of the application is not altered because of the use of such a device.






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