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Globalization Testing Services

The technological revolution is fast removing the geographical barriers of the world. Through Globalization Testing we aim at removing the language barrier. We make sure that the generated code base is properly globalized and can be effectively localized so that the product is not limited to a certain region only.

When businesses try to expand their customer base, they generally go for localizing their products. They have to make sure that their product blends into the local language and culture without a glitch so that they can give strong competition to indigenous products. The cost of a globalization is significant and is a major factor in the decrease in the ROI many a time. With our experience in Globalization Testing we can help to reduce the cost of globalization, localization and internationalization sharply.

As a premier in the field of globalization testing, VAssure offers a comprehensive range of testing, verification and certification services specifically designed to support internationalization and localization requirements. While many service providers focus on only user interface testing, we also provide a full range of wing to wing testing services that address functionality, usability, interoperability, performance and scalability.

Our Globalization experts analyze the product code to establish its existing internationalization level. This is validated by our testing experts who run manual or script based tests to also gauge the level of internationalization.

Our aim is to validate products so that they offer proper functionality across different languages. Proper functionality ensures that the internal design of the product is such that it performs the same functions regardless of international environment settings or cultures/locales and the correct representation of data.

Our functional and cosmetic checks ensure that the product is validated and verified in the local language as well and such display problems and other problems regarding the functionality and cosmetics of the product are successfully removed.

The services that we offer:



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