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End to End Performance Testing

End to End Performance Testing is critical in ensuring the right design is implemented and that the product meets the required performance criterion.

We test the product on a system that can imitate its real world functioning environment. First we perform a stress and load test on it and accumulate the results using the Apache Jakarta Project’s JMeter™. These results are analyzed as in the Performance Analysis Phase. The results of the Performance Analysis are passed on to the Performance Modeling and Performance Tuning so that the product can meet the desired performance levels. Our End to End Performance Testing Solution ensures that we find performance defects at the earliest possible stage and pass on the corresponding data to the developers to resolve them.

This process is carried out through our DevSync™ testing framework. DevSync™ testing framework implements testing so that it works in sync with the development of the product which makes it easier for our clients to come out with the end product faster.





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