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Performance Analysis

The Performance Analysis service that VAssure offers is a dynamic tool for analyzing the performance of a process. Performance Analysis is the process of looking at program execution to pinpoint where bottlenecks or other performance problems such as memory leaks might occur.

Our goal of performance analysis is to determine which parts of a program are to be optimized for speed or memory usage and find the prospective problem spots where we can change the code to eliminate or decrease their impact. We do this by allowing the process to run and measuring its performance as it runs.

The data is collected and compared against the initial expectations. This enables us to provide an effective measure of the overall performance of the process and recognize the areas that are slowing down the overall process. Our analysts report these areas along with methods to improve the performance as known from past experiences.

Our approach to performance analysis focuses on long term impacts to ensure that the steps taken to improve the overall performance matches the organization's vision, mission, and values. We have divided the analysis process into three basic steps:

Data Accumulation: In the data accumulation phase we accumulate the data pertaining to the different performance characteristics of the system under test. We do this by maintaining a record of the time spent in each of the different parts of the system, the frequency of event occurrence and a complete trace outlining the order of occurrence of the events

Data Manipulation: The data manipulation phase involves transforming the data into a more usable form such as calculating the mean or standard deviation

Data Visualization: The data visualization phase is used to map out the manipulated data into graphs or histograms to simplify the analysis

In each of the above-mentioned steps we take extra care to ensure that abstractness, accuracy, flexibility, intrusiveness and simplicity are maintained throughout the process of performance analysis.



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