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Performance Modeling

Performance Modeling service is designed to make a process meet specific performance prerequisites. This is essentially an add-on service to the Performance Analysis and Stress and Load testing services although this has also been very useful as a stand-alone service. VAssure experts have designed home grown methods to boost specific performance characteristics in certain process types. Initially we analyze the process under scrutiny, test it and document all the results. The results are used to formulate the best course of action to achieve the desired performance. After every change is made the process is again tested and results documented. This process continues till the desired performance rating is achieved. Our experts deliver a product with the required performance levels without actually changing the functionality of the final product.

Performance modeling and analysis is of great practical and theoretical importance in research labs in the design, development and optimization of computer and communication systems and applications. This includes a broad spectrum of research activities from the use of more empirical methods which range from experimental tweaking of simple existing models up to building and experimenting with prototype implementations, through the use of simulation to more sophisticated mathematical methods.



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