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Performance Tuning

We use Performance tuning to improve system performance to ensure that our clients can meet their requirements. To reach the maximum performance of the application we have designed various tests to identify the optimum configuration for all the core elements.

In our performance tuning service we assess the problem and establish numeric values to categories of acceptable behavior and measure the performance of the system before modification. We work on those parts of the system that are critical for improving its performance. We use a handful of proven techniques to improve performance of the system. During the process of Performance Tuning we use a tool from Jakarta Apache® called JMeter™ and HP Mercury’s Performance Center with / Load Runner. These are comprehensive performance testing tools which can be used with both static and dynamic resources. They are used to simulate heavy loads on the system under test to assess their performance for different types of load. The performance data is represented graphically which provides a means of faster data analysis, thereby quickening the process of Performance Tuning.




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