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Analysis and Planning

Study As Is
This Study involves interviewing key stakeholders to understand the state of current QA lifecycle and its implementation details. This stage performs an extensive QA health check for Process utilization, Tools, Release Mechanism, and Configuration & Defect Management. The documented and undocumented processes are also recorded, which further feeds into GAP Analysis stage. It also studies varied test needs and further identify the scope and limitations of the QA process.

Gap Analysis
The Gap Analysis compares the data gathered during the initial study with industry best practices. It is analyzed carefully, its feasibility is studied and its requirements are specified in clear and certain terms to ensure successful implementation. Our experts accumulate the requirements through well-known methods of requirement elicitation. They analyze them using requirements animation, automated reasoning, knowledge-based critiquing, consistency checking, and analogical and case-based reasoning. Gap Analysis is further carried out to analyze the different testing methodologies being used. We compare their actual performance with their potential performance to highlight the phases that have a scope for improvement. Cost and Vulnerability Analysis, FMEA and Risk Benefit Analysis of the QA process will also be carried out.

Strategic Planning
Our experts will analyze the QA process to be implemented from different angles and understand the basic outline that the process will follow. The analysis of the process involves studying the design, understanding the perception and scrutinizing the outlook. The process is broken down into stages and timelines set for achieving each of them. An initial plan of action is set up for achieving each of these stages, and the deliverables are listed accordingly. Available resources are scrutinized and additional ones procured, which is further categorized on the basis of the usefulness in each of the stages.

ROI Calculation
The QA process is carefully scrutinized for ROI (Return on Investment) Calculation. It includes the estimation of cost incurred and the evaluation of the overall gains through the individual stages of implementation of the QA process. A projection for year on year (YoY) savings is also calculated.

Analysis and Planning : Deliverables

Documentation of the QA process
GAP analysis report
Strategic Action Plan (SAP)
Timelines for achieving each stage in SAP
Resource Categorization for SAP
ROI Calculation report


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