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Knowledge Transfer and Training

Training Assessment
An assessment of the Training needs is carried out. Key candidates are identified and evaluated to ensure that the team possesses the required knowledge to be able to undertake an effective implementation goal.

Create/Update Training Material
Training material is crafted using varied means (PPT, Online, Intranet, e-learning, CBT, etc). A Step by Step guide is created to give in-depth knowledge which will ensure a smooth transition into process deployment. Various experts assess the quality of the training material. Any shortcomings are pointed out and suitable changes are immediately carried out. The training material is updated after training evaluation.

Training Roll Out
Once the training material is ready and has been approved training is rolled out. Various modules are implemented for ease of use. They are hosted onto a centralized location which can be accessed whenever and wherever they are required. The results are passed on for Training Evaluation.

Training Evaluation
The results of the Training Roll Out are evaluated. If the current content needs improvement, then the training material is updated. A small assessment of the attending candidates is also undertaken to analyze the efficiency of the training

Knowledge Transfer and Training: Deliverables

Comprehensive Training Program
Training Repository









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