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Management and Support

Process Optimizations
Process Optimizations are carried out keeping in mind the results of previous stages. The Process Deployment results are analyzed against the Process Evaluation report to gauge whether the large scale implementation of the QA process is an effective realization of the small scale pilot. The ROI is also calculated and compared to the initial estimate. A Process tuning exercise is carried out after analyzing Non-Compliance Reports and Spot Checks Reports, and based upon the areas of improvement an effective re-organization of resources may be carried out.

Resource Management
Some QA Processes may be part of projects with dynamic needs. They may have different resource needs at different points of time. A simple resource alignment will not suffice as it will not be able to provide a solution that stays optimum. This is where the need for an effective resource management strategy arises. We frequently assess the resource needs at regular intervals of time and immediately realign the resources to suit the altering needs.

Defect Management
Defect Management provides real-time visibility of requirements coverage and associated defects with transparency of the associated business risks. Automated tools are utilized in logging the defects and an automated email / sms notification is sent to the relevant stakeholders, where an informed release decision can be made. Defect Management tools integration is established which helps in running the Test automation tools effectively. RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) is used in understanding clear mapping of defects to the Requirement.

Process Maintenance
After the large scale integration has taken place, a detailed study takes place to analyze the cost effectiveness of each of the stages. The assessment is well documented and effort is made to constantly increase the cost effectiveness of each of the previous stages wherever possible. The focus is on improving the product continuously and using this improved process in each of the previous stages. The goal is always to achieve and stay better than the six sigma quality.

Management and Support: Deliverables

Support for the sustenance of the project
Documentation outlining the cost effectiveness
Documentation of constant analysis striving for improvement
Process implementation achieving six sigma quality or better
Process Optimizations to improve efficiency
Resource management solutions for projects with dynamic needs
Documentation of defects
Defect management solution


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