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Process Deployment and Auditing

Process Deployment Strategy
The process to be implemented is analyzed and organiztion wide roll-out strategy is crafted for effective process deployment. A last minute check is performed to tie any loose ends and to accommodate any additional requirement which may have surfaced.

Resource Alignment
Different stages have different resource needs for successful implementation. But all the stages don’t use every resource at all points of time. The resources are aligned so that

They can impart knowledge and effectively carry out the transition
The resources are used optimally so that no resource is idle for long periods of time
Sub-processes are not waiting for a resource to be free

Process Deployment
The process is deployed and integrated into the overall design. Once the integration is done the results are analyzed to verify whether the results generated are as expected or not. All the results are documented. The new testing process is broken into scenarios to measure its success in the real world. The metrics are recorded to verify that the variance from the expected potential is eliminated. A measurement repository is created for the maintenance. The completed and tested procedure will then be seamlessly integrated with existing testing processes to ensure a complete project handling process to cater to the wing to wing QA needs of clients.

Audits and Spot Checks
Audits and checks will be initiated to measure the performance of the new procedure. The process will incorporate any compliance needs that might arise. At the same time, any Non-Compliance Issues, Spot Check Results and Assessment Results are documented

Process Deployment and Auditing: Deliverables

Large Scale Integration
Documentation of evaluation report
Documentation of results
Measurement Repository
Process Assets
Non-Compliance Reports
Spot Check Reports
Assessment Results

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