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QA Process Development

Process Assessment
The Aartifacts from previous stages are taken into consideration when creating process estimations. Our experts study QA process documentation and review Strategic Action Plan. A flow diagram outlining the individual stages of the QA process is created and documented. The requirements are categorized stage-wise for easier implementation.

Process Creation
QA Process Creation takes place after having a deep understanding of the Process Assessment. It focuses on development of a robust QA Process, governed by industry standards and best practices. It is a result of a careful research and analysis carried out on the best available testing methodologies and frameworks to bring down the Total Cost of Quality. It is created leveraging Testing Maturity Model and Test Process Improvement Model.

Pilot Roll Out
Once the process has been created a pilot is rolled out and assessed. The QA process is implemented on a small scale, and its ability to perform effectively and efficiently with the other processes is verified. The corresponding results are passed on to the Process Evaluation phase.

Process Evaluation
Our experts review the process under scrutiny and check if it is able to perform to its maximum potential. If it is unable to do so, the reason for this shortcoming is analyzed and they come up with suggestions to overcome it. Small changes are made immediately but when the problem calls for bigger changes we revert to the process creation phase to work on an alternate implementation plan. We do not move forward till this stage generates satisfactory results. The focus will always be on providing the best solutions.

QA Process Development : Deliverables

Process Assessment Report
Documentation of Process Flow Diagram
Pilot Roll Out Report
Process Evaluation Report
Process Ready for Deployment


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