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Authentication & Authorization Management

Web applications need robust authentication and authorization mechanisms. The Authentication and Authorization Management service we provide is a combination of two sub-services.

The authentication management service that we provide is a comprehensive test for verifying the identity of anyone. Our authentication management service makes sure that the entire system adheres to the strongest authentication protocols available. We make sure that the authentication is on the server side thus making the system more difficult to hack into. We use strong cryptography in our code authentication schemes for component authentication.

The authorization management service can be used only after authentication is successful. Managing authorization is difficult during the development of a product. Developers often put backdoors on the product, which they use to get complete authorization, to make sure they can access all sections of the code. If they forget to remove this backdoor before the release of the product, it may cause a serious security flaw. To avoid this we do a comprehensive check to remove any backdoors if present. The authentication and authorization management service makes sure unauthorized access of resources does not occur.

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