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Network Access Controls and Firewalls

Network security is essential to protect the large volumes of sensitive data present in any IT organization. With more and more businesses functioning through websites, security becomes an even bigger issue. The focus of our Network Access Controls and Firewalls service is on the security controls implemented for trusted networks so that the security of any organization is not compromised. Our service is used to help balance the complexity and costs of managing and securing a project without restricting future growth, connectivity or collaboration requirements. It provides a means of controlling the access of resources over the entire network including the external infrastructure and the internal network of the organization.

Providing protection for workstations, shared resources like printers, and storage devices connected through the network is absolutely essential. Hackers must not succeed at their attempt of entering the network and exploiting these resources. Our firewall puts into effect strong access policies for the entire network. Our firewall works in sync with any current antivirus tools to regulate the transfer of information between computer networks of dissimilar trust levels. We have properly implemented network security controls through the use of firewalls to maintain the secrecy of all the valuable contents.

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