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Product Security Testing

Product security is an ever-present, escalating concern for modern enterprise IT and network teams. We test the software exhaustively for holes that drain valued data, and we perform various attacks to break the security of the product. Our Product Security Testing service enables the client to build the trust that the applications tested by our experts are truly secure.

The security testing cycle for a product begins with the scope definition and an understanding of customer expectations, followed by multiple phases like analysis, test planning, execution and reporting. Tests are performed simulating customer end scenarios, including testing the ability for similar applications to operate securely.

Our product security testing service involves tests those are targeted to break the security built into the product. We perform security tests which are designed to test the application for application vulnerabilities such as Buffer Overflows, memory leaks, reverse engineering, DOS attacks, XSS attacks etc.

Integrating security test security practices into the software development lifecycle actually reduces overall costs by increasing efficiency and also boosting customer satisfaction. An analysis conducted on applications indicates that flaws arise due to lack of or limited security testing in an environment replicating the end user’s environment. Applications are known to work in conjunction with several other applications like a web browser, email client and an instant messenger. If security testing is not performed replicating such scenarios, the application could be susceptible to attacks originating from third party applications.

Security testing (ST) is conducted in our state-of-the-art test labs which are equipped with the various automated ST tools.

Close to 200 plus ST tools are utilized in giving a 360° coverage to application under test. A well defined ST strategy is created based upon the client’s requirements.

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