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Security Testing Services

Security Testing Service has been implemented with the goal of finding any vulnerability that can affect the application under test. Our Services provide a rigorous analysis of potential vulnerabilities in applications to minimize the potential for exploitation by all forms of malicious attack. We use a risk-based approach, grounded in both the system’s architectural reality and the attacker’s mindset, to adequately gauge software security. With our proven testing methodologies and approach, we provide a higher level of software security assurance to identify risks in the application. We perform security tests driven by those risks and focus on those areas of code in which an attack will succeed.

We implement security audits on the application infrastructure, on an application-by-application basis. VAssure prescribes a detailed description of application vulnerabilities; we also provide remediation strategies to harden the application. With the use of leading application security testing tools, our experts and management team provide security testing service to protect the application. Our security testing experts inject different viewpoints and specialist knowledge into the testing process.

We provide complete security testing service to support all the software testing needs of an organization or business unit. To determine how well the application stand up to a concentrated attack, we offer Penetration Testing and Network Access Controls and Firewalls service.

Our security testing experts in partnership with specialist domain experts work on critical security challenges faced by our clients around the globe. VAssure works on developing security policies and procedure and on designing and implementing a secure architecture focusing on establishing secure systems and networks. We accomplish this by developing, managing and promoting security assessment tools, techniques, services, and supporting programs for testing, evaluation and validation.

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