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Automation Analysis - ROI

VAssure also performs Automation analysis helps us understand whether the Rate of investment is what the customer desires, where is the problem. VAssure Engineers helps our customer calculate whether the Automation is doing any good to the customer .Our Engineers helps our customer understand that what is it which is being automated? Your goals for automation will also affect what you automate. Our Automation Analyzer helps our customer understand what they want to do with automation; do they want to find bugs? Do they want to establish traceability for some sort of compliance? Do they want to support the development team? Do they want scripts that allow you to ensure nothing changes in the software?

According to our customers budget our engineers help in making our customer understand what is the best tool for them so as to leverage there investments in tools, like shareware, open source tools and custom tool development and scripting, some are for regression testing and some for performance testing and many are designed for specific types of testing or for specific environment or technologies.

Our Engineers will also calculate the costs and will let you know what is the benefits one can get out of it.

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