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Test Process Consulting

VAssure provides consultancy throughout testing process for its customers.

Phase I
The consultants do a thorough study of the documented and undocumented processes and their implementations. Understanding Advantages and disadvantages of a particular framework of testing. With all this the Consultant is able to gather existing testing processes, testing needs, advantages and disadvantages of existing process, systems requirements.

Phase II
A differential analysis is performed to assess the existing and current testing methodologies to compare its actual performance with its potential performance; it will provide an insight into areas that have room for improvement. It will help us analyse the gap between the business requirement and current capabilities. After the analysis a standard report, variance report and estimated cost variance, cost and vulnerability analysis report is the end product with risk benefit analysis report.

Phase III
Process development centres on creation of robust business testing procedures which is governed by industry standards and best practices which has to be standardised across all testing engagements. This new standard process will be a result of the analysis and research carried out on the existing testing methodologies and frameworks. Here thorough analysis for ROI is done, here the product will be Industry Standards, Best practices, ROI analysis report, proposed standard process.

Phase IV
Training Stage will involve knowledge transfer and training team about the specification of the new standards process and adopted methodology of testing framework. The end product of Training stage will be Training Repository and training program.

Phase V
Process deployment is the stage in which our consultants will launch the new testing process into live scenario as a prototype to measure its success, the end product which implement is pilot roll out, process assets, measurement repository and recommended testing processes.

Phase VI
Audit and checks are performed by the consultant to measure the performance of the new procedure. The end product of Audit and checks will be non-compliance reports, spot check reports, and assessment results.

Phase VII
Final evaluation is used to evaluate the final run of the capabilities of the new testing process and the consultant will consolidate the results from every phase of analysis, the end product which a consultant gathers from final assessment is Final Standard testing process, process documentation, sign off document.

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