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Testing Centre of Excellence

Testing Centre of Excellence is the service we provide that encompasses all the other service offerings. We believe in providing a complete coverage for all the sub processes involved in the overall process of Quality assurance. We can help organizations by taking care of all their testing needs and making sure that the process of development that they undertake does not slow down because of mismanaged testing.

Our Testing Center of Excellence is an integration of people, process, tools, expertise and management at one place for providing effective testing services. We aim at increasing our test span, speeding up the test process and making it more cost effective through the efficient use of technology, tools and methodologies.

Our Subject Matter Experts are well versed with both test automation tool specific knowledge and they also possess hands-on experience with some of the domains like (BFSI, Publishing, Education, Cross Industry, Government, and Retail). We have enormous pool of skilled Testing experts who have proven experience in setting up a Testing CoE for Fortune 500 clients.

We are dedicated in helping our clients to reduce the overall cost of quality. This includes cost-effective QA services channels - Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Localization Testing, Security Testing-with Test Tools and Automation.

We utilize the most current best practices and possess tool expertise from partner vendors like IBM® Rational Software, HP® Interactive, Segue® Software, Borland® and Compuware®. This partnership allows us to keep abreast of the latest test automation tools. We have also established multiple R&D centers which allow us to review latest automation protocols. Our partner relies on the sound evaluation of these protocols and our assessment is one of a factor considered while deciding on making them available to general public.

Our fully equipped offshore testing lab, along with simulated testing environments at the main center, enables remote testing of applications.

We have the infrastructure to provide Testing Centre of Excellence for projects of any size in the different industry sectors that we are involved in. Each of our Centers of Excellence is outfitted with necessary tools and logistics for building and delivering solutions.

Over the years VAssure has built up a knowledge repository by gaining experience from providing solutions to Fortune 500 clients. Our knowledge repository has a combination of reusable components which can facilitate any testing engagement.

Key Pillars of our Testing Centre of Excellence:
Knowledge Management
Testing R&D Center
Testing Help Desks
Delivery Project Management Office
Dedicated Testing Lab
Training Center

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