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Automated Defect Reporting & Governance

Our Automated Test Reporting and Governance service provides a transparent interface for all the other services provided under the Tools and Automation service. Through this we want to give a means for the developers and testers for knowing the exact cause of any defect through proper defect reporting. Using this service they will know exactly which process is running at any point of time.

Our main motive is to ensure that the tool works reliably and efficiently with the technologies used to develop software applications. Until this task is done there is significant risk that the tools will not deliver the promised return on investment. We govern the whole automation process to make sure that the tool is able to fit into the overall framework of enclosing process and be used by the testing team and that the test process has been properly verified and validated and is able to match the cost efficiency required by the process.

Our service will automatically manage the execution of processes and scan for any defects on the occurrence of which it will give an accurate detailed report there and then. Our understanding of the functioning of each of the other steps means that we face no difficulty in providing this service and our clients face no difficulty in using it.

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