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Comparative Tool Analysis & Implementation

Through the Comparative Tool Analysis and Implementation Service we provide a comparative analysis of the tools available in the market. With a multitude of test automation tools and tool suites available in the market, both commercial and open source, one can easily end up with the wrong tool for the required implementation. We have deep knowledge of testing tools and test automation methodology and are in the habit of choosing the right tool to meet the automation need of any QA testing process. We acquire the best tools directly from the software vendors for organizations having a long time partnership with us once they set their requirement guidelines.

We understand that correct test tool configuration also is essential to successful test automation. With our vigorous test automation tool selection and configuration we provide a complete solution for test automation. We help our clients align tool selection with specific requirements to ensure that the most appropriate tools are selected.

Our implementation of test automation consists of four phases, represented by the key words:

Analyze Problem | Compare Tools | Acquire Tool | Implement

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