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Plug and Play Automation Frameworks

Our Automation Frameworks are designed with 100% Reusable Plug and Play Library, which allows it to interact with view( not the tables); it can perform action verification, it can write logs and display pass or Fail results. It is 100% re-usable and does not contain business logic; it interfaces with scripts and test data to give full test coverage. The Automation framework library is robust enough to read understand and update views. The plug and play frameworks is flexible enough to easily adapt to the automation tools it is deployed upon. It has multiple extensions, namely Data Driven, Keyword Driven and Modular driven.

The Automation frameworks support Agile Modeling, SCRUM, XP, RUP and Iterative development practice. We analyze the automation needs of the client and present the one that can be integrated with the automation tools to fulfill the prerequisites.

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