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Regression Test Pack

A service that will result in the creation of a package that can be used as a substitute for manual regression testing is the sole purpose of the Regression Test Pack service. We have a team of experts that analyzes the set of test cases used in the regression test and removes any redundancy present in them.

Regression testing is the process of running all existing test cases and verifying that all test cases pass. Therefore any redundant test cases may slow down the testing process considerably. Once the set of test cases is finalized, they are converted to a set of testing scripts that fully cover the set of test cases. This group of scripts is what we deliver as a Regression Test Pack, which automatically tests the system for regression.

Our service improves the performance of regression testing considerably and is able to manage any number of additions of functionalities and optimize the set of testing scripts so that the process is speeded up without affecting the functionality.

With our automated regression test pack, we deliver huge savings in time and costs which is well planned and managed correctly to maximize the benefits.





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