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Recruitment Process and KEP

Recruitment and KEP Services are provided by VAssure with an objective of improving the quality of our QA service offerings. Recruitment services deal with the human side of an organization whereas the KEP services mainly deal with the enhancing the skill sets of professionals . We have ample experience in working with software in different industry sectors and have a thorough understanding of the different environments that an application will work in.

Our KEP services gauge the gap between the current level of an employee’s skill and the absolute required level and we work at filling this gap. These services help bring the personnel up to date with the current technology in the industry. It is a platform for learning so that the person involved is fit to work in a given project.

The various Training Services we offer are :
• Functional Automation Training
• Performance Test Engineering
• Security Testing Training
• Testing Fundamentals
• Advanced Testing Concepts & Techniques
• Third Party Automation Tools –HP, IBM, etc
• Defect Management Tool

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